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I have available the complete Saga of Jake and Megan, just under 61 hours worth of story, in 16 DVD-Rs.


You can order the complete set, each disc individually, or in sets of four discs

The complete set of 16 discs is $89.00 plus $10.00 postage & handling is $99.00.

The total cost of a set of 4 discs, which includes postage, is $50.00.

The total cost of one disc, which includes postage, is $15.00.

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Below I will list the discs that are available ≠and below that the links to the ordering form:

OLTL TAPE 1 (3-5-90 through 4-26-90) 3-5-90 through 3-27-90 - Jake comes to Llanview. Jake walks into Andyís shot and wounded. Grande hires Jake to spy on Megan. Jake pretends to be telephone repairman. Bo and Sarah get married. Jake is photographer at wedding. Jake and Megan get closer. 3-28-90 through 4-6-90 - Jake tries to quit Grande. Jake and Megan talk in park. Sarah is involved in hit and run. Jake brings Megan roses, Burke has nude photos of Megan. 4-1-9-90 through 4-18-90 - Jake whisks Megan away to the beach. They stay at beach cottage and avert scandal. Jake quits Grande. Grande pays off Jake. Jake gets stopped by thugs in park. Megan takes Jake back to a loft to hide. Megan sponge bathes Jake.

OLTL TAPE 2 (4-27-90 through 5-28-90) 4-27-90 through 5-2-90 - Jake, Megan, and Lucky continue on the run from Scaggs. Jake saves Scaggsí life. 5-4-90 through 5-7-90 - Jake, Megan, and Lucky in Florida and freed from charges thanks to a grateful Scaggs. 5-8-90 through 5-10-90 - Jake and Megan back in Llanview. Michael Grand behind everything bad happening to everyone and everyone is steaming. WHO SHOT MICHAEL GRAND?? Herb, when searching Meganís apartment for murder weapon, reveals more lies Jake has been telling Megan and Megan and Jake break up. 5-23-90 through 5-28-90 - Jake tries to win Megan back at the beach house. Megan is arrested for Grandeís murder. THE MURDER MYSTERY CONTINUES!! Jake and Megan together again. 4-1-19-90 through 4-26-90 - Jake tells Megan he is a PI. Roger gets blown up by bomb, in hospital. Lucky finds Jake. Scaggs finds Jake and Lucky. Jake, Lucky, and Megan escape from Scaggs.

OLTL TAPE 3 (5-29-90 through 6-25-90) 5-29-90 through 6-1-90 - Meganís Trial begins. Jake testifies for the prosecution. Buchanans try to keep Megan away from Jake. 6-4-90 through 6-13-90 - Meganís trial continues. Megan finally tells Jake she loves him. Megan believes Jake set her up. Guilty verdict. Megan sentenced to 10 years in Statesville. 6-14-90 through 6-25-90 - Jake and Lucky break Megan out of jail and get her in more trouble. Jake solves the Who Killed Michael Grande Murder Mystery. but cannot forget how horrible Megan treated him. Megan wants Jake back. Jake walks away. Megan gets ready to go to Badderly.

OLTL TAPE 3B (6-26-90 through 7-27-90) 6-26-90 through 7-5-90 - Bo goes to Badderly and discovers itís not what he thought. Megan, Sarah, Lucky, Cord, and Spring Skye Join Bo in Badderly. Marco preps everyone for what lays ahead. Lucky Sends Tweedy with a note for Jake. 7-6-90 through 7-17-90 Jake comes to Badderly. "Ice Cube" scene. Charlotte wants Jake. Jake and Megan are together again. 7-18-90 through 7-27-90 "Whiteyís" group tries to find drug lab, tries to find boat, tries to get off the Island. Jake and Megan start to make love for the first time, while Charlotte has the room bugged.

OLTL Tape 4A (7-30-90 through 8-28-90) 7-30-90 through 8-8-90 End of Badderly with Megan and Jake making love for the first time. 8-9-90 through 8-21-90 Everyone is back in Llanview Vicki has a stroke. Megan is being followed. Charlotte is sent to Palm Beach by Carlo New ice cube scene Sarah and Megan are kidnapped 8-22-90 through 8-28-90 Jake and Bo are warned not to let anyone testify against Johnny. Jake and Bo verbally fight at Wandaís (Jake is beat up, disheveled and "hunky.") The Buchanans and Jake strategize.

OLTL Tape 4B (8-29-90 through 9-26-90) 8-29-90 through 9-4-90 - Jake and Bo and Alex follow lead to Lancaster, PA to find Megan and Sarah and rescue Megan. Jake wants to pretend to like Charlotte for info. 9-5-90 through 9-14-90 - Jake and Megan fight in front of Charlotte. Jake takes Charlotte on a date. Megan and Jake meet with Bo. Jake and Megan fight at Maxís. Jake moves out of Meganís into hotel. Sarah sees Carlo, Kip & Porter at safe house. Jake pretends to care for Charlotte. 9-17-90 through 9-26-90 - Jake hears Sarah scream for help in phone call from Carlo. Jake and Megan meet up at Boís (great kissing scene). Jake tells Carlo about telephone bug to get Carlo to trust Jake. Jake and Charlotte run into Lucky at the fair. Lucky and Charlotte fight. Jake takes Charlotte home and comes back to fill Lucky in on whatís up. Jake surprises Megan in her car. Jake tells Charlotte he canít see her anymore because her father is the chief suspect in the kidnapping case.

OLTL Tape 5 (9-27-90 through 11-7-90) 9-27-90 through 10-8-90 - Fake Wedding. Carlo tries to kill Jake. 10-9-90 through 10-18-90 - Charlotte tries to Get Jake to marry her to save his life Jake marries Charlotte. They get a lead on Sarah. 10-19-90 through 10-18-90 - Charlotte gets shot. Sarahís plane blows up. Sarahís memorial service. Jake tries to annul marriage to Charlotte. Carlo & Charlotte plot to trap Jake. Jake is Drugged by Charlotte. 11-1-90 through half of 11-7-90 Charlotte tells Jake they made love. Megan sees pictures of Jake and Charlotte in "Intruder." Charlotte refuses to give Jake divorce. Charlotte causes Jake to crash car. Charlotte goes blind. Carlo threatens Jake and Megan.

OLTL Tape 5B (11-7-90 through 1-10-91) 11-7-90 through 11-12-90 - Charlotte has hysterical blindness. Jake temporarily calls off divorce. Jake & Megan attend Tina & Cordís wedding. Jake and Johnny struggle and Johnny shoots Cord. 11-13-90 through 11-27-90 - Aftermath of the wedding shooting. Jake takes blind Charlotte to the beach. cabin and Megan is there too. Johnny is shot by "Nikki." Jake and Charlotte celebrate Thanksgiving together. Jake rents apartment for him and Charlotte. Jake has false alarm and thinks Charlotte can see. Jake and Megan decide not to see each other until Charlotte can see again. 11-28-90 through 12-7-90 - Jake celebrates at Andyís for becoming a PI. Tina Hires Jake to protect her unborn child from Carlo. Jake has Lucky check out Hunter. Carlo out to avenge Johnnyís death. Lucky interrupts Megan and Hunterís rehearsal to get Megan to check on Jake (passionate kiss). 12-11-90 through 12-24-90 - Jake witnesses Megan and Hunterís press conference. Jake and Charlotte go to Gregís club. Jake sees Hunter and Megan. Everyone buys Xmas trees. Asa hires Lucky to shoot and miss Carlo. Jake celebrates Xmas at Carloís. Charlotte gets her sight back but doesnít tell Jake. 12-26-90 through 1-10-91 - Charlotte lies about her relationship with Jake so that Megan can hear it. Megan gives Jake a "Dear Jake" letter. Jake figures out Charlotte can see and sends her to Switzerland for her to supposedly get her eyesight back. Jake finds out Carlo is backing Meganís movie and pretends that he doesnít want to get back together with Megan so he can keep tabs on Carlo. Tina tries to run down Carlo and runs down Renee instead. Jake breaks into Carloís safe.

OLTL TAPE 5C (1-11-91 through 2-21-91) 1-11-91 through 1-28-91 - Jake pretends to miss Charlotte. Carlo tests Jake and has him watch Megan film a nude love scene and believes Jake is lying. Megan and Hunter are always disbelieving Jake and yelling at him. Jake tells Megan whatís going on but neither she nor Hunter believe him. Jake is framed and arrested for attempting to murder Hunter and Megan believes he did it. Jake is disguised to enter studio from which he is banned to find out who really did it. 1-29-91 through 2-8-91 - Carlo steals mind-altering drug to use on Vicki. Jake and Lucky discuss how to approach Megan and Jake gives Megan a single rose. Megan and Hunter start dating. Jake finds audio tape in Carloís room that identifies Johnny Deeís killer and Vicki and he listen to it. 2-11-91 through 2-21-91 Vicki gets call to see Megan in studio, only itís from Carlo. Carlo has Gabrielle drug Vicki at Tina and Cordís wedding to turn her into Nikki Smith. Jake catches it in time and exchanges drinks with Vicki but she pretends to become Nikki. Hunter and Megan continue to disbelieve Jake and always yell at him when they see him. (Poor Jake) Bo, Clint, Vicki, and Jake are trying to stop Carlo doing whatever heís doing.

NEW OLTL Tape 6A (2-22-90 through 3-21-91) 2-22-91 through 3-6-91 - Vicki pretends to be Nikki. Hunter asks Megan to leave Llanview. Carlo gets Vicki/Nikki to Shoot Megan but she misses. Jake and Megan reunite. Jake and Megan celebrate holidays at cabin and make love. 3-7-91 through 3-21-91 - Jake proposes to Megan. Jake buys Megan engagement ring. Poker game sting. Hunter tries to leave Llanview 3 times. Hunter destroys movie he and Megan made. Hunter breaks his leg trying to leave town.

NEW OLTL TAPE 6B (3-25-91 through 5-28-91) 3-25-91 through 4-3-91 - Jake and Megan attend party for Clint and Vicki. Hunter and Andy pretend theyíre married to fool Hunterís mother. Vicki resigns as mayor. 4-4-91 through 4-15-91 - Lucky calls Jake with another job. Jake acquires their "Dream house" as his fee. Champagne bath! Finds valuable broach as "Dream House" turns into "Haunted" house. House warming parties. 4-16-91 through 4-30-91 - Megan finances a new client for Jake. Hunter and Andy Trick Jake at movie studio to give them a honeymoon. Jake and Megan try to refinish "Dream house" floor- spend night at Andyís. 5-1-91 through 5-15-91 - The Clint is going to die story with Jake and Megan as mostly background. J&M decide to cancel wedding but Clint tells them not to just before his surgery. Shower and Bachelor party plans are made. Meganís shower. Jakeís bachelor party. Jake and Megan decide to break up and leave bachelor party separately; Megan to Llanfair and Jake to "Dream House." Charlotte visits Jake late at night to bring a Wedding Present but answers the phone when Megan calls and Megan rushes over. Verbal fights ensue. J&M kick Charlotte out of house and they make up!! 5-15-91 through 5-28-91 - Charlotte steals Meganís Wedding Dress. Megan and Joey get it back. Jake and Megan get married. J&M leave for honeymoon. Jake gets offered job in Japan for $40,000 a month. Megan canít get out of her contract and work and Jake leaves alone. AND JOE LEAVES THE SHOW!!

FINAL OLTL s (June Ď91 through 7-17-92) June 1991 - Megan receives a letter from Jake. 8-23-91 and 8-25-91 - Hunter & Andy get married. Jake calls to speak to Megan, Andy & Hunter. October 1991 - Jake gets detained in Jaba. "Bondage" begins. Jake tries to escape twice; once on his own and once with the help of Hasim - both times fail. November 1991 - Megan is getting sicker and sicker. Cord and Blair rescue Jake. Jake calls Megan and speak to her in hospital. Cord gets shot and disappears in the water Jake gets recaptured. Megan has systemic Lupus. Christmas 1991 - Blair tells of Cordís death and brings letter from Jake. Jake calls Megan from Jail in Jaba City. 1-21-92 through 1-31-91 - Megan has kidney implant. Andrew (the Reverend) goes to Jaba to try and rescues Jake as Megan rejects transplanted kidney. 2-3-92 through 2-14-92 - Andrew helps Jake escape from prison. Jake is upset to hear Megan is dying. He gets back to Llanview to reunite with Megan just before she dies, on February 7, 1992. Meganís funeral. Valentineís Day, Jake goes to Meganís grave. Jake leaves town. 7-15-92 through 7-17-92 - Jake goes back to Llanview to see the old house one last time before itís sold. During the childrenís performance of "Midsummerís Night Dream," Megan comes back as an angel to help Jake move on with his life. Jake meets a red-headed woman at airport, resembling Megan, and they fly off together to LA to live..................


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