Synopses of Macauley West: Man of Mystery

August 26, 1993
Macauley West

Mindy distracts Macauley while Nick
continues to search the houseboat."

August 25, 1993
Macauley West

Gilly Tries to get away from the Lewis
party without beeing seen by Mac."

August 23, 1993
Macauley West

Gilly and Kat make getaway plans when
Gilly runs into Macauley."

August 20, 1993
Macauley West

Macauley tells Mindy how he feels about her."

August 19, 1993
Macauley West

Macauley frees Kat from jail."

August 17, 1993
Macauley West

Macauley tells Mindy all about "Norie."

August 12, 1993
Nick is after Mac. Nick is confronted by Mac at country club.

Mindy breaks up the argument between Mac and Nick.

Mac takes Mindy home.

August 11, 1993
Macauley tries to get Gilly to trust him. Mac visits Mindy at her studio.

Harley tells Nick about seeing Morrison with Mac.

Gilly gives Mac the cold shoulder at WSPR.

August 6, 1993
Is it love? Macauley and Mindy go on their first date.

Mac tells Mindy about himself.

Mindy and Macauley kiss.

August 4, 1993
Mindy batters Macauley. Macauley invites Mindy for a fish dinner.

Macauley finds figures out Nick broke into the houseboat.

Mindy and Macauley decide to go for a walk and talk.

August 3, 1993
Macauley wows Bernice. Macauley meets Dylan, Mindy's brother.

Mindy and Macauley visit Hamp.

Nick breaks into Macauley's houseboot.

August 2, 1993
Macauley has a rap sheet? Harley lets Nick look at Macauley's file.

Kat is taken into custody.

Mindy and Macauley go to the police station for Kat.

July 29, 1993
Macauley chases after Mindy. Gilly and Macauley discuss David's case.

Macauley suspects Mindy was sent to spy on him by Nick.

Macauley chases Mindy to the diner and asks her out.

July 28, 1993
Macauley tries to stay for dinner. Nick questions Macauley about David's case.

At Towers, Gilly runs into Macauley.

Mindy and Nick break up.

(Cont'd) July 27, 1993
Macauley grills the fish. Macauley grills their fish at Mindy's Lighthouse.

Nick walks in on Mindy and Macauley.

Macauley is "grilled" by Nick.

July 27, 1993
Macauley and Mindy get together. Macauley and Mindy argue over swordfish at the market.

Gilly talks to Nick and Alan Michael about Macauley's involvement in the Davenport murder.

Mindy invites Macauley to dinner.

July 26, 1993
Macauley encounters Mindy. Mindy and Nick argue over a former girlfriend.

Macauley arrives in Springfield.

Mindy and Macauley argue over fish.

July 23, 1993
Love that hair. Nick Starts to investigate David's murder case.

His investigation brings him to Macauley West.

Macauley makes plans to go back to Springfield.

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