Synopses of the Very Best of Season 6

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The Very Best of Season 6

"Lead Me Not"
Can they keep meeting like this? Sully and Cloud Dancing try to bargain with Black Moon.

Sully visits Michaela in the night, by the barn.

Black Moon learns to trust Sully.

"A Place Called Home"
At last, Sully. Sully returns after his trip north with Cloud Dancing.

Michaela tells Sully about the miscarriage she had.

Sully remains in hiding.

"A Matter of Conscience"
Can they get Sully out of the cave? Hank and Jake discover Sully is still alive.

Michaela and Sully continue to meet in "the cave."

Last episode filmed before Joe and Kirsten marry.

"All That Matters"
Sully and Michaela want to be together Sully and Michaela can't bear to be apart."

Sully risks everything to be with Michaela.

"All That Matters"
Is this cave getting crowded? Cloud Dancing Returns.

He risks being captured to make sure Sully is okay.

Sully is hiding out in "the cave."

"All That Matters"
Michaela Saves Sully. Sully is severely injured and near death

Sully is Saved by Michaela.

"Reason to Believe"
Do you hear what I hear? Sully hears his "heartsong."

Michaela feels that Sully is alive.

What is the only word that Sully speaks in RTB?

"Reason to Believe"
What delicacy is he preparing? Sully survives the fall.

He is badly injured.

He is doing everything he can to get back to Michaela.

"Reason to Believe"
Does this wanted poster look familiar? After falling off a cliff, is Sully dead or missing?

The army is searching.

Wanted posters are put up in town.

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